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Vienna, an imperial story

The capital of Austria can tell you many stories: with imperial nations and their impressive histories, with art recognized all over the world, with cuisine marked by centuries of conquests, with dream discoveries for the little ones. It depends on what you want because the rest is planned immediately. With several daily flights to Vienna, this place is easily accessible, both in terms of travel time and cost. I recommend this flight, especially to families with children.

Cazare? Desigur, mii de optiuni, in functie de ceea ce iti doresti sa vizitezi. Chiar daca alegi o cazare departe de renumitul centru, metroul conecteaza toata metropola cu o mare iscusinta. Iar daca iti doresti sa ai confort la transferuri prin oras, un serviciul shuttle VIP te poate duce usor in locurile la care ai visat, intr-o masina de vis😊, pusa la dispozitie de cei de la Austrian Leading Sights.

If we talked about transport and accommodation, here are some top activities that you should not miss in Vienna:

Viziteaza Kunsthistorisches Museum si te vei bucura de exponate consacrate aflate in portofoliu si devenite un punct de atractie pentru oricine ajunge in Viena. Dar, pe langa acestea, vei admira expozitii noi, revolutionare, metafore ale modernitatii. Nu rata Muzeul Sisi, descopera povestea iubitei imparatese Elisabeta a Bavariei sau Sissi. Fascinanta ei viata este surprinsa prin mobilier, tinute, poezii, notite, muzica si multe altele.

Anyone who comes to Vienna should not miss the Schonbrunn Palace, along with the Imperial Pavilion and the Orangery, one of the most beautiful baroque architectural buildings in Europe. The story of the palace begins in 1642, but, following the siege of Vienna, it was rebuilt under Empress Maria Theresa in 1743. Today, due to its historical significance, its unique layout, and magnificent furniture, the palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and well worth a visit in silence to admire how the centuries left their mark on him.

From the famous Viennese schnitzel to Thai food, from apple strudel to the wurst enjoyed in the city’s markets, the food you can enjoy in Vienna is as diverse as it is delicious. You should not miss dinner at the Salonplafond restaurant, located in the MAK premises. You will have a refined and authentic experience. A place with imperial architecture brought to an extremely elegant and playful eclectic area at the same time. And the food and cocktails align to the same standard of good taste, literally. And if we were talking about schnitzel, you must definitely go to Meissl & Schadn, the place where Freud enjoyed the best veal schnitzel and where it is said that one of the tastiest apple strudels can be tasted.
Besides incredible museums, various attractions, and 19th-century cafes, Vienna is also a capital that inspires you to shop at any time of the year. You can find almost anything here, from the perfect souvenir to the item missing from the wardrobe, from interior design objects to collections of art albums. If you venture through the streets of the center and beyond, you will enter antique shops, bookstores from other times, and boutiques full of art and color. From modest shopping to luxury purchases, the center of the Austrian metropolis makes sure that every tourist leaves Vienna with at least one item of his soul.
I still haven’t convinced you. We’re just asking you to try a weekend getaway to Vienna. You will surely be satisfied!
We have some very good accommodations for the weekend in Vienna.
Welkom in Wenen!

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