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The most beautiful cities in Spain

Known for its charming, romantic, and architecturally stunning cities – perfect for independent travel, Spain is waiting to be discovered in any season. Although the suggestions can be much more extensive, on the order of dozens of spectacular places, we have made a top with the most beautiful cities in Spain, the list being always open.

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Spain’s second-largest city after Madrid, and world-renowned for its unique art and architecture, Barcelona is one of the liveliest cities, with a number of festivals throughout the year. Equally, this place enjoys a vibrant nightlife, as well as one of the most famous stadiums in the world, Camp Nou. Above all, however, Barcelona boasts the stunning architecture of the Sagrada Familia, the work of Gaudi, and a masterpiece of design, albeit still unfinished.

The best time to visit this city is from the top of the most beautiful cities in Spain in summer, when you can spend a whole day on the vibrant streets, a walk that you must end, towards the sunset, on the seafront or on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.


Known for its charming boulevards and lovely parks, the Spanish capital located in the center of the country attracts tourists from all over the world, especially in spring and autumn. These two seasons ensure the perfect time to explore Madrid.

Wherever they take their steps, tourists discover spectacular architecture, unique shopping opportunities in designer boutiques, as well as opportunities to dance to traditional flamenco music or relax in the lush botanical gardens. Built on the ruins of a Moorish fort called Magerit, the city became the capital in 1561, during the reign of Philip II of Habsburg.

Loaded with history and traditions, Barcelona is home to art collections, including the works of the famous Goya or Velázquez, while also being a gourmet city, famous for the tapas served in its restaurants.


The third largest city in Spain, Valencia conquers with its mix of modern and ancient architecture, with various styles, from Roman to Gothic, Baroque, or Futurist. The port city is located on the southeastern coast of Spain, where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea. Valencia is a very accessible city from a tourist point of view, thanks to its compact layout, which means that many tourist attractions are in close proximity to each other, within a single walk.

Due to its beauty, it fully deserves its place in the top most beautiful cities in Spain! From the golden sands of Las Arenas Beach and the rococo architecture of the Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace to the maze-like cobbled old town, Valencia has a lot to offer.

Among the main attractions, you should not miss the Cathedral, Mercado Central, Lonja de la Seda, included in the UNESCO Heritage, as well as a stop at a restaurant that serves paella prepared according to the traditional recipe.


Certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Granada is famous for the old Moorish palace Alhambra and beautiful oriental-style architecture. Located in the Andalucia region of southern Spain, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the city is set in a gorgeous natural setting at an altitude of 670 meters above sea level.
Once you’re done exploring its museums and art galleries, you can venture out for a hike in the nearby mountains. One of the main attractions of the city is the Alhambra, a well-preserved complex of fortresses spread over the hill, which houses royal palaces, luminous terraces, and unique swimming pools, originating from the Nasrid dynasty.
The Alhambra was built in the 13th and 14th centuries to serve as the residence of the Moorish kings and is famous for its stucco ceilings and lion fountain.
The Alhambra Palace, the Generalife Gardens (Alhambra), and the Albaicín neighborhood of Granada were inscribed in 1984 on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list.

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