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Romantic Destination for Valentine Day

If you want to give your loved one a romantic Valentine’s Day trip to a special Valentine’s Day destination, you can go to classic romantic cities like Venice, Budapest, and Prague, but you can also surprise your loved one with a more original romantic getaway and more authentic, a tailor-made trip for your other half.

Cinque Terre, Italia

Few corners of the world can be more romantic than the Cinque Terre, and if you’ve fallen behind on your Christmas present, this is your chance to make up for it. And for next Christmas. It derives its name from the 5 old settlements that make it up, built on the west coast of Italy and which have not escaped the protective arm of the UNESCO Heritage. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are accessible by train, bus or (the romantic option) boat.

The whole area is an extremely well-preserved natural park which, just as carefully, has preserved Via dell’Amore, the pedestrian street that unites the five villages. We don’t know what idea more intertwined with romance and cuteness beats a 25-minute walk (perfect so that you don’t have time to remember who knows what discord that rears its hideous head at the most inappropriate moments) taken on a street that carries the name “The Road of Love”. It is unnecessary to convince you that this road is so beautiful that you might forget for a moment that there is hunger, wars, and crimes in the world or that there is a boss waiting for you at the office ready to take you to task for the report that you sent it to him last month.

If you and your significant other tend to be rather indulgent with your stomach’s demands, and travel is the perfect reason to break the lock of restrictions, you’ll have a good time here. Seafood is at home, and we’re not talking about wine. All you have to do is drench each plate of anchovies, squid, octopus, and other marine life with grape liqueurs of Olympic goodness.

Porto Santo, Portugal

Madeira is a destination that makes us all dream: exotic fruits, lush vegetation, sumptuous hotels, outdoor activities in unspoiled nature… Shopping in the old town center of Funchal, spending lazy afternoons on the most beautiful beaches of Madeira or making mini road trips to discover the archipelago’s most beautiful viewpoints is what you can also do in Madeira.

In addition to your romantic stay on the most beautiful island in the world (World Travel Award), offer your loved one an extra, the icing on the cake: a romantic stay of a few extra nights in Porto Santo. Porto Santo is the smallest inhabited island in the Madeira archipelago. You arrive on the island by direct flight or via ferry or plane from the main island of Madeira. Porto Santo is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and its turquoise waters.

Porto Santo is a perfect choice for a romantic getaway in the sun. Its golden sand beaches and its many high-quality hotels with Spa & Wellness are renowned the world over, in particular for their Porto Santo sand treatments and their rare therapeutic properties. On Christophe Colomb’s island, you will spend your days walking on the beach, swimming, having good meals at terrace restaurants, and enjoying a magnificent sunset. Treat yourself to an unforgettable and incomparable romantic trip to Porto Santo on Valentine’s Day. Come and discover an island where tranquility reigns supreme!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Not! Stop it! Don’t look past your next destination just because you don’t know much about Ljubljana, don’t know people who have visited it, and are generally suspicious of a destination that isn’t riding the popularity charts yet. Yet! First of all, learn that in the local language, ljubljana means lover, and that’s reason enough to include it in the present discussion.

Not many words are needed when you walk arm in arm through the colorful building-clad streets of this fairy-tale city with your other half of the heart Finetti. If you still manage to set your alarm clock in the early morning and go for a walk in the still silent and empty alleys, the next step might be to connect to an internet and search for jobs here.

The architecture is a kind of harmonious combination of the anti-Roman period, with the baroque style of the 16th century and with the expressionist style of the Viennese succession from the beginning of the 20th century. 48 or 72 hours (12.6, 27 and 31.5 € respectively). It’s a must. Not only will you get free entry to 15 museums, galleries, the zoo, and more, but it includes a city tour, free bus transportation, 24-hour access to city WiFree, a mini-cruise, and more.

Include in one of the days a visit to the castle located on the hill in the middle of the city (reached by cable car, also included in the card mentioned above), watch the sunset (it’s just not a romantic vacation without a sunset watched in two) and enjoy a dinner at the castle restaurant (romantic, non-romantic, we don’t play with our stomachs).

Now that we’ve sorted out the logistics, don’t forget to pack all the curiosities you find around the house, and the appetite, but leave some good cheer for when you return. You’ll probably need it when you’re dealing with post-Ljubljan depression.

Barcelona, Spania

What more romantic image can conjure up in your mind than the picture of you and your significant other, separated only by a table on which sits a cherry-colored bowl of sangria from which you tactfully sip as the delicious paella disappears from the pan in plain sight?

After you feel the sweets start to wear off, fuel up quickly by escaping to the Bunker (just a 15-minute walk from Park Guell) for what many consider “the most beautiful panorama above a metropolis” European”. Preferably at sunset. That should fuel the appetite for eternal vows.

In the category of things soaked in syrup and that doesn’t cost you your shirt, go for a walk in Ciutadella Park and rent a boat for 6 euros for half an hour. This will also give you a chance to cutely tease each other by splashing water and other craziness like any self-respecting romantic couple. Immediately after, rush to San Felipe Neri Square and start negotiations in front of the Gelaaati di Marco shop: “shall we have ice cream?”

Bruges, Belgia

You’ll have to try your hardest NOT to have a romantic trip to Brugge (or have a hearty fight over beer and chocolate) because every street in this city seems to have its own faucet from which love flows. Luckily, Brugge has the ideal surface to step into most important corners. The more sporty half of the relationship will appreciate the few hours of walking hand in hand and would do well not to be swayed by the lazier of the couple who will somehow try to drag both seats in public transport.

For a superb view over the city, laden with medieval reddish roofs, venture up the 366 stairs of the Medieval Tower in the historic city center (Bruges Belfry). Not only is the entrance free, but you don’t have to climb the stairs in one breath either – they are dotted with places to stop and catch your breath.

Despite the fact that Bruges does not boast very low prices, there are some places that are kinder to budgets. HAP offers vegetarian breakfasts and lunches to take away and tuck into the chirping of the birds. It is open from Monday to Friday, and the price of a quiche usually does not exceed €4.

No couple has yet been discovered who manages to walk along the romantic canals that dot the city and not feel their hearts like a bubbling pot of bliss and nirvana. If you want to sponge off everything you’ve ever done wrong to your life partner, rent a boat. While the captain of the boat will tell you the dos and don’ts about the architecture of the city, watch her again as a professional exclaimer of “oh, how interesting” and remember the first meetings when her voice seemed to be made of milk and honey.

P.S. From Charleroi Airport, only 2 and a half hours by train separates you from Bruges; avoid all the fuss and buy your tickets in advance here. In general, plane tickets from Romania to Belgium tend to be among the cheapest available, but whoever gets their hands on them the fastest usually gets the best price.

Mijas, Andalucia – Spain

Do you want a sunny Valentine’s Day? Book your flights to Malaga Airport and discover Mijas, one of Spain’s most romantic destinations. Whether in a horse-drawn carriage or on foot, you walk hand in hand through the typical alleys of this small town which offers breathtaking views over the entire region.

This typical Andalusian white village (Pueblo Blanco) is very special with the many pots of geraniums and other colourful flowers that are cared for by the people of Mijas. Mijas is a good choice for a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day. In February this small mountain village is very quiet and you can enjoy beautiful sunny days, restaurants and accommodation at affordable prices. Mijas is located just 15 minutes drive from Malaga airport.

How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga Airport (15 min by car) as well as your transfer and your tours and activities in Andalucia such as a “Mijas: half-day tour with food and wine tasting”.

Relax, the best is yet to come.

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