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COVID-19: Safest Destinations to Travel to in Europe

Many of you desire to visit places that have stayed safe throughout this epidemic if the vaccination against COVID-19 makes travel safer. We have chosen locations where there have never been overcrowded hospitals, where there have been fewer incidents of COVID-19, and locations that are also less likely to impose curfews or other restrictions during your stay.

We chose locations that did not impose a quarantine for practical reasons. Because of this, some safe locations like the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, or Finland, which have experienced few occurrences of COVID-19, do not feature in our ranking.

The following is a list of travel-friendly locations that, in comparison to other places, have stayed safer over the past few months.

However, it is advised that when booking your flights, tours, and activities, you also select the “100% refund without cancellation costs” option when booking your lodging.


Madeira has been the most secure location in Europe since the pandemic’s beginning.

The island was able to take precautions for its residents’ health fairly early on and has since maintained one of Europe’s lowest rates of active cases.

You will take a test to make sure you don’t have Covid-19 before you travel to Madeira. You can fill out all the details required for a secure stay before your departure on the straightforward and effective website at:

Madeira is renowned across the world for the splendor of its natural surroundings and luxuriant vegetation. It is not required to wear a mask on beaches or while engaging in sports.

The national tourism bureau has set up highly strict sanitary standards in hotels and restaurants that claim the “Safe and Clean” certification.


Georgia has been regarded as a secure location throughout this pandemic. The Georgian government made the decision to restrict its borders as soon as incidents occurred in order to safeguard its citizens and visitors.

Although it was a challenging choice, it appears to be paying off, since Georgia has up to twice as few deaths per million people linked to Covid-19 as the worst impacted nations.

Do you require any more justifications to visit Tbilisi? Magnificent Haussmannian structures coexist with structures from the middle ages; additional architectural styles include neoclassical, Soviet-style, and exceedingly modern.

Tbilisi respects its heritage while looking to the future, its youth, and the challenges of the future.

Make sure to ascend to Tbilisi’s summit to view the Kartlis Deda statue, a breathtaking view of the Georgian capital, the Peace Bridge, the Metekhi Church, the Sulfur Baths, and the magnificent Clock Tower can be found at this location.


Treat yourself to a secure and tranquil vacation in the Canary Islands. According to Spanish Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism Reyes Maroto, vaccination passports or certificates will be added as “an element of safe mobility” to the planned safe travel corridors.

The Canary Islands are actually a group of islands, each having its own personality and distinctive offerings. Spain has chosen a new social life that combines security and friendliness while retaining effective health measures in light of the most recent statistics.

Amazing islands are waiting for you. The largest and most populous island is Tenerife. Other popular islands include Lanzarote, which has a volcano that is still active, Fuerteventura, which is the hottest and flattest island with miles of beaches, La Palma, which is the greenest island but also the wettest, Gran Canaria, which is central and a reasonable combination for family vacations or for athletes who want to trek up its steep hills.


Greece is considered to be one of the safest travel destinations in Europe because it has up to four times less serious instances of Covid-19 (deaths) than the most impacted nations.

Look no further than Corfu if you’re searching for a location that blends culture, nature, sun, relaxation, gastronomy, paradisiacal beaches, and sustainable tourism. Along with Madeira, this location is one of the European paradises that Covid-19 has kept remarkably intact.

The island is the ideal place to spend a wonderful vacation in the Greek sun. It displays influences from the French, British, and Venetian cultures that predominated Greece for many years.


Denmark made the decision to create a vaccine passport that enables people who have had a Covid-19 vaccination to resume their normal lives in total safety.

This Covid-19 vaccine passport is available to anybody other than just Danes. Denmark agrees to accept vaccine identification cards issued at the international and European levels.

Once immunized in your place of origin and in possession of your immunization certificate, you can go to cafes, restaurants, and concerts without having to undergo any further screenings.

Of course, you can always stay in Denmark with a current Covid-19 test if you haven’t had the vaccine yet.

Copenhagen is a great place to go green via biking. Beer enthusiasts should visit the renowned Carlsberg Brewery, and fans of romance should visit Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid.


Croatia can be considered a safe travel destination in Europe because it has two times fewer severe Covid-19 infections per million people than the most impacted nations.

Cavtat is a place where enjoying life is easy. This tiny village is located 20 kilometers south of Dubrovnik in the Konavle area. Hotels, private lodging, dining establishments, culture, history, music, the family mausoleum of the Rai family, and more.

It’s uncommon to find places like Cavtat that offer so much to tourists. its natural beauty, rich cultural and historical past, and the variety of facilities provided to tourists.

Have a nice trip!


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