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The Seven Best Luxurious Villas to Book This Year

Global air travel is quickly recovering after a difficult two years as passengers try to make up for a lost time. That could take the form of finally making plans for a postponed honeymoon, taking off on an active vacation, or setting out on a multi-generational journey. Consider renting a villa if you want to splurge or simply need extra room for your entire group. In a villa, you’ll have everything you need to start relaxing as soon as you step through the door.

Nafsika, Greece

The Nafsika Villa in Megalohori, Santorini, has our hearts forever. It provides expansive views, seclusion, and first-rate service. Additionally, the seaside Plaka Villa on Naxos provides an exquisite refuge for families or bigger groups of friends, as well as a private garden close by an outdoor grill for wonderful summer picnics. For a cooking session using a wood-burning oven, I adore inviting a chef in. 

Lengishu House, Kenya

We are thrilled to recommend Lengishu House in Borana and Ol Jogi Ranch on the Laikipia Plateau. Both are in northern Kenya, and visiting Masai Mara National Reserve goes well with them. In addition to the typical safari game drives, Lengishu offers fishing and mountain riding and has six bedrooms spread across four cottages. Eight cottages make up Ol Jogi’s eleven bedrooms, and you can access a watering hole from the home through an underground tunnel for fantastic wildlife gazing.

JOALI, Maldives

When looking for a villa, JOALI Maldives and its sister resort JOALI Being, which debuted in November, should be your top choice. There are numerous choices. The three-bedroom overwater home, which has 280 square meters of living space, is among the nicest; it has a cabana, an infinity pool, a huge main bedroom, a living room, a dressing area, a bathroom, an indoor and outdoor garden shower, and more. A gorgeous four-bedroom beachfront home with four bathrooms, four dressing rooms, a kitchenette, a butler’s room, a library, a private pool, an outdoor shower, and a cabana is also available.

Villa Syrene, Italy

A high-end coastal villa is surrounded by jagged cliffs, deep blue waves, and an abundance of plants that cascade down the stone walls. Everything is naturally scattered in a surreal way. Villa Syrene has found its position in the Mediterranean Sea, one that is almost dangerous but beautifully gratifying, safely anchored on a point. The estate is filled with treasures like a museum of priceless objects, all of which are displayed on the porticoes or well-preserved shelves like antique furniture and opulent sculptures. Each garden is designed in accordance with a favored era, and they all cascade with breathtaking beauty. At noon, breathe in the clean air coming from the stone patio.

Naman Retreat, Vietnam

This modern alcove was carved and built by renowned architect Vo TrongNghia, and it beautifully displays the charm of Vietnamese culture. The large, opulent three-bedroom villa is shaped like stacked boxes and is tucked amid the apparently endless sandy beaches of Da Nang and Hoi An. It is attractively furnished with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that skillfully blend the natural elements with the contemporary aesthetic. Skylights enhance the dazzling splendor of the Vietnamese beach sun. For large groups to enjoy their private lunches, there is a rooftop terrace, a shaded pool, and an outside barbeque area.

Chateau D’Estoublon, France

An impressive house with rows of manicured trees, blushing flowers, and a large bath of an ocean blue pool is nestled in the southern slopes between Arles and Avignon. Being close to an orchard lends the ten-bedroom chateau the finest level of Provencal charm. Its various themed rooms welcome guests with red-draped décor, beautiful damask designs, and opulent crystal chandeliers. In France, the English Bar! , which is on the ground floor, is run by a sommelier who is excited to provide a sample of the regional wine. A large library is filled with orderly volumes that can be read in peace in a corner, if not for a game or two on the pool table.

Lodge at the Hills, New Zealand

It is a prime example of genuine Kiwi hospitality: a modern barnyard in grey and glass, furnished with contemporary conveniences, set away next to autumn-colored rolling hills that span 500 acres of absolute tranquility. Large windows in the open-plan living and dining space, a graceful lounge with a bar, an underground wine cellar ready for tasting, and a fireside gallery for winter cuddling are just a few of the outstanding features that the minimalist architecture faithfully highlights. Each of its six suites has a gas fireplace, a soak tub, a private sitting space, and breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery.

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